Best Friends

Grief Coaching

For healing the loss of someone you loved deep in your heart

Grief Coaching is at the core of Asttarte's healing sessions. No matter what you might be dealing with, grief is usually at the core and bottom of it's deepest roots. 

Did you lose your best friend? Did you lose your father? your mother? a grandparent? a child? 

Or did you change your life in a crucial way? Change your relationship, change your career? Is your health going through a major transformation? Are you dealing with legal issues? Did you finally give up an addiction that took over your life and are now detoxing from it? Did you lose a pet? Get married? Get divorced? Are your finances at an exciting high or a devastating low? Any changes in life can impact your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental balance.

Sessions are here to support you in dealing with these changes, and to support you to feel the peace you most deserve!