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Ascension Training

Accelerate your spiritual path to one of awakening to your full potential. Online training of chakras, ascension meditations, mantras, the divine masters, and prayers and mantras to the masters. May trigger Kundalini awakening.

Couples Coaching

Bring your love back! Learn communication styles to understand, accept and help each other heal. 

Couple Enjoying Outdoor
Grief Coaching

To help you when you've lost a loved one, need to heal from your past, and let go of what's holding you back. 

Ascension Tantra

With over 25 years experience, you will receive a hands on healing session to fit your exact needs. For those who wish to accelerate their path of ascension and awaken all chakras of their soul. Eclectic immersion of Asttarte's modalities over a 24 experience.

Psychedelic Healing

Psychedelic Healing & Coaching, Private one on One Sessions and Group Sessions. Must be ready. By