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Women's Coaching & Healing

Women's Coaching with "Be Yourself Free Yourself" is meant to address your personal and intimate issues with yourself, and mostly your significant other. This will also benefit all loved ones and what matters most to you. 

As a woman, it is super important you feel supported in your everyday life, and that you know you have your best needs and priorities taken care of. 

We will cover your emotional and mental balance, your hormonal balance as needed (and what stage of your female cycle you are in) and your intimate issues with your Beloved; meaning your SEX LIFE, your INTIMATE LIFE, your LOVE LIFE!

Are there areas you don't feel free to be yourself (especially with your partner)?

Are there areas of your life that you are frustrated with (especially with your partner)?

Do you struggle getting along with your partner (once in a while or on a daily basis)?

Are you a single mother and feel alone (are you missing an intimate connection)?

Do you have anxiety or depression that comes and goes (from a hormonal imbalance, death of a loved one or other imbalances)?

Does your stress increase from money (in particular disagreements with your partner)? 

Does your stress increase with your intimate relationship (the idea of being intimate or not getting enough intimacy)?

Does your stress increase when involving your external/first family (parents, siblings/grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins, etc)?

Does your stress increase with you as a parent? Are you getting enough support as a parent? 

Do you wake up sad, filled with grief or confusion about your day?

Have you lost a loved one or had a significant change in your life recently?

If you are partnered, do you struggle on a regular basis to work through conflicts?

I also offer Couples Coaching for women and their partners (in person for those who are vaccinated) for those who are ready to do that level of intimate work. 

Ladies, you deserve to be loved, supported in every area of your life, and have the best relationship and love life possible. I'm here for you if you'd like to do the work.❤️

Women's Empowerment Coaching

Women's Empowerment Coaching gets you ready to be a stand for your own life, and to gain skills to develop into the woman you are meant to be. 

Women's Empowerment is a popular phrase today, however, many people take the phrase for granted. What does it take to truly know who you are? what you want? what you need? To find your hidden fire inside of you. 

Women's Empowerment Coaching is supportive and empowerment work for women to take a stand for their own life, and move forward with being, doing and having everything they deserve

Dominant Love Coaching for Women

Dominant Love Coaching is for women who has successfully achieved a committed relationship, and are ready to take your relationship to a deeper level. This is for women who feel confident enough to take charge in their relationship, and know they deserve to be treated as a Goddess, but don't quite have the skills to take action with their partner. Perhaps, you feel confident, and you know your sexual power, however, you're not sure how your partner will take this new approach to your love life. This is for women in a new relationship, but also in a long term committed relationship who want to bring back their own passion, and her partners. This is for she who is ready to take charge!

Perhaps you are wondering:

Do I have the skills to be Dominant with my partner?

Am I confident enough?

Does my partner respect me enough?

Does my partner trust me?

Will my partner be vulnerable with me?

Will my partner surrender to me and be willing to be submissive (present/patient/humble)?

Will my partner run away at my first attempt to be Dominant with him/her? 

Will I scare him/her when I become powerful?

Your questions about being a Dominant Woman with your partner will be answered with Dominant Love Coaching. 

Note: This is not the same as BDSM or Erotic Coaching as most sites describe. Those tools and skills can come later (if you choose) after establishing Basic Tools for Communication, Setting Boundaries, and establishing that your partner is willing to be vulnerable with you. 

There may be layers of Trauma that come up with Dominant Love Coaching (for both parties), and the healing process and support of these layers is crucial to moving forward with trust, surrender and having a loving and intimate life. 

Whats the Difference Between Women's Empowerment Coaching & Dominant Love Coaching

Women's Empowerment Coaching is for single Women or Partnered Women that just want to focus on their own personal healing and growth. Perhaps you wish to be strong as an independent woman and work on your own personal healing, goals, strengths, and work on your dreams. 

Dominant Love Coaching for Women is for Women who are in a Relationship, and want to take your relationship to the next level of power, love, vulnerability, sexual power, and confidence in the bedroom. DLC is for Women who are ready for a deep intimate and loving relationship, and are ready to take charge of your relationship being as amazing as it could possibly be. Dominant Love Coaching is for Women who truly want commitment or truly are committed in their current partnership. 

Women Training her Man (or Woman) to Heal Her

After accomplishing Womens Empowerment, in our Dominant Love Coaching for Women, once you've gotten into a serious relationship, we will cover TRAINING YOUR PARTNER TO WORK ON YOU. Once you come to this place, it is important you know that #1, YOUR PARTNER TRULY LOVES YOU, and #2, YOUR PARTER IS TRULY READY and prepared to start healing you as his/her woman, who is also his Goddess, but that also has vulnerabilities, needs, and feelings to process. 

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