Womens Treasures are a ladies gift to herself. 

Womens Treasures are Asttarte's product line for Empowerment & Dominatrix Coaching for Women she recommends for your healing with yourself and your partner.


Some examples of products may be:

  • BDSM products such as paddles, whips, leather outfits, black leather high heel shoes/boots, neck collars, chokers, wrist collars, clamps and clip ons to add to your attire, and/or your submissive's attire, and any other product you and your partner agree on for their submission, and your Domination Training, Healing and Growth.

  • Supplements (for your Hormonal Balance, for your Sexual Health, ie. Sex Drive, Womens Uterus Health Support, etc).

  • Products Asttarte has made herself! &

  • Any other product that makes you feel sexy!

Sexy Domination and Womens Treasures Shops will be listed here. Shops are Under Construction Currently.