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What Women Need

What do women need to feel their power, to feel loved, for their voice to be heard, to be understood, to connect to their partners, and to feel secure and safe in their own skin?

Women need many things. They need to know that they matter, that they are not insignificant and that they are loved. How do they accomplish this? They can stay single, and choose to not take on the energy of others, or they can be empowered inside of a relationship and have their dreams become a reality. What does it look like to be empowered? What does it look like to be within a partnership? Only women truly know what they need. Its an individual journey. They can certainly feel empowered alone. That is the easy path. They can break up with someone who is causing them stress and strain in their daily life, walk away, and claim, I feel so empowered now. But how about the women that want to truly be in a relationship? How about the women that want an empowered sex life? What do they do? Well, I can share with you vividly that you can have both. You don't have to be single. And you can feel as sexy, fulfilled and vibrant as the months you felt in love. There is that honeymoon phase. This is real, but it doesn't last. They call it the NRE in many circles (new relationship energy). However, after time, that new bliss and high of an exciting loving relationship starts to settle into a daily lifestyle, and the high from the chemicals in a new relationship start to go away.

Many people only stay as long as the high lasts, but then what? You start all over again with a new partner and experience the same bliss, but that bliss only lasts for a short while.

How do you keep the love going and the love strong? Most people don't know how to keep it going. They assume "I'm not someone who is meant to be in a long term relationship." Or, they think there's something wrong with their partner, or themself for that matter. They start to have doubts and thoughts that slowly take the relationship to an ultimate low before they either end the relationship, or learn a new way to be in the relationship.

Women need similar things that men need. We are all human after-all, with feelings, needs, desires and expectations. However, you can't take for granted something as precious as your relationship.

First you have to look within. How long can you go before you need to do a mind reset, or a check in with yourself? It's a daily practice to take care of your own needs, but to take care of the needs of both partners, is just as important.

You may need to do some self discovery work. It may be time to start a spiritual practice, meditation, going for walks, taking baths, but it also is just as important to do a check in with your thoughts about your partner; what's not being said, what's being stuffed, what's being ignored, and even conversations that need to happen.

To reclaim your power, its time to take back your power. This is a time to do a personal inventory. Perhaps asking for help, seeing a Counselor or Therapist, going on a Retreat, spend time with family or friends, but what's most important is to take a stand for what you, as a Woman, truly needs. If you are feeling disempowered, its time to have the difficult conversations. Telling your partner perhaps things he/she does or says that aren't in alignment with your own truth. Perhaps you have been holding back from making requests out of fear of upsetting or losing your partner all together. If your partner is strong enough in him/herself, speak up! This is where Domination comes in. You may need to take out that "talking stick", or even that paddle, to get your words heard, and in many ways, your sexual power to make a statement and stand that you ARE a Goddess, and you know who you are and what you truly want.

Women may go for months, even years without speaking up. They may feel as though they are suffocating, or acting small. They may even feel that their partner is treating them small. Women, you know who you are. If you are not feeling secure or empowered in your relationship, its time to take a stand for yourself. This alone may be the key to your partner remembering why they fell in love with you in the first place, and put fire back in your passion and fall in love again!

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