Relationships Fail When

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Relationships Fail When

Relationships Fail When…just like a small young pet, a grown animal, a baby, or a child, you don’t take care of it! Relationships fail when you neglect to nurture it, give it the attention it needs, water it, fertilize it, and nourish it to all of its capacity and fullness! Relationships fall under, when communication is lacking or gone altogether.  Relationships fail when when no one’s needs are being filled, when no touch, affection, or physical connection is happening. Relationship fail, when like in The 5 Love Languages, NONE of the Love Languages are being met; that’s right, none!

This article is not all about the 5 Love Languages, however, that is a big part of relationships!

The 5 Love Languages are:

#1 Words of Affirmation, letters, notes, emails, cards, poems, love notes, sticky notes, etc.

#2 Quality Time, any amount of time spent together, sometimes 15 minutes is all they need even for a couple weeks

#3 Receiving Gifts, any sort of gift send or handed to the person

#4 Acts of Service , chores, errands, things that need to be done, a helping hand, etc.

#5 Physical Touch, any physical touch, affection, cuddling, hugging, holding hands, laying together, massage, intimacy of any kind, etc.

The Five Love Languages are incredibly important. Many people have at least 2 or 3 top ones, and if they are not being met, there’s a possibility that you are going to feel left being unloved, and the relationship is not in harmony with your needs, heart and desires. Whether one persons needs are not being met, or both, there needs to be communication to understand what is missing. However, if communication is missing, and you are struggling to have a conversation, or say what you need to say. Or worse, you feel judged for expressing your needs, and you then withhold communication because you are afraid of what your partner may say or do, this is where healing is needed, and in particular “support”!

Are you doing your personal work? Are you taking your partners actions or words personally, as though they meant you harm? Are you resentful and blaming your loved one for something they did not do, or a communication you never had, or waited too long to tell them?

Does your loved one express disappointment or agitation when they speak? Does he or she get triggered easily when you talk, and they never seem to calm down, or it takes a long time? This may be a cause for lack of communication and when this pattern is going on, more serious coaching, healing, anger management and perhaps medical treatment or medication may be necessary. Your spouse may have PTSD, and not know it, or another condition not being treated. If you love your beloved, this is an important conversation to have, otherwise, none of the above 5 Love Languages may be filled, and your relationship then will sure be deemed to fail.

Start the conversation today for what is missing in your loved life, and if you need help, don’t wait until your relationship is almost over. Love can always be restored, but if you wait, managing it later may be too difficult for both of you. Keeping things bottled up and unresolved is a sure sign of failure, and we are a stand for breakthroughs and love, so let’s get the conversation started, and hearts filled with love now.

For a further conversation on love and your relationship, give us a call today, and let us help you find what is missing for you!

Ask for a Phone Coaching Session today, or a private consultation. Call us at 215-326-9641 or email us at


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