The Importance of Tantra

Sometimes, when we live our lives, and get caught up in the routines of working life, family life, and married life, we forget our regular spiritual practices. We forget how much they helped us, and what they did for us. Especially when something else became more of a priority for a while. However, out of no where, perhaps during your biggest low, you may discover your old habits, your old practice, and the one thing that made all the difference before.

Today, discovering the importance of my own Womens health, balancing the energy in my own body, and the struggle of processing the grief of my father, I found my way back to Tantra. After a few rounds of breaths of kegels, breathing into the belly, into the root center, and grounding down the body, that wave and rush of joy just hit me like a blast of euphoria from the past. Low and behold, writers block gone, and that subtle tingling and blissful energy throughout the body makes its way back as though it was never gone.

We often get into a career that we need to teach others so much. It helps us to keep practicing what we ourselves need in our own lives. Whatever makes us happy, sharing it with others keeps the energy flowing. I could have gone in the direction of Acting and Drama Therapy in this life, and shared this (which I think of time to time). I could have gone in the direction of teaching English and Writing (I thought of also). And I could have gone in the direction of Art, Painting and Singing (still things I do for fun). However, when you teach what you need the most in your life, it keeps you balanced, centered, grounded and happy. And, then of course, there's personal choice. Anything you put your focus on can be the root of your own happiness, and yet, choosing to keep doing the other things that create joy and balance, are cause for discipline, structure and routine.

Tantra is a lifestyle, a meditation practice, and a way of life. It can be gentle and supportive, and doesn't have to be a distraction and an addiction. When one goes deep into a practice and does it with integrity, love, honesty and authenticity, one can never go wrong. It's fear that stops people from doing the things they love so much. Perhaps too, confusion, control, jealousy or possession. However, when you have worked through all the layers (lets just say here 'many') of emotional imbalance, one can come back to him/herself and find home again. Let's share the joy of Tantra in that it is a practice of Self Discovery, Empowerment, and Bliss, (however, you have to be willing to do your own inner work; work through those hidden fears, angers, controls, sadness, etc), because the bliss can hide those dark feelings. However, it is always there when you need it, and when you've worked out your deep feelings, the bliss of Tantra can return once again.

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"To be authentic means to be true to oneself. It is a very dangerous phenomenon, rare people can do that. But whenever people do it, they achieve such beauty, such grace, such contentment that you cannot imagine." --Osho

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