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Healing your UnHealed Parts

Before you can be Empowered as a Woman, women have to heal the unhealed parts inside themself. You can certainly take a stand and be the dominant one in a relationship, however, there will be times when issues that present themself in your partnership, are the exact areas that need to be addressed.

What Stops you from asking for what you need?

What keeps you from using your voice and making requests, powerful demands, or setting boundaries for what you do not want?

Are you afraid of being vulnerable? Do you fear being left alone, abandoned or rejected?

Do you want to tell your partner or someone you care for how you feel, but don't know where to start?

Sometimes we have to take a risk, and risk the possibility that we will be rejected, risk being abandoned, and risk being vulnerable. It's not easy telling others how we truly feel. However, if you want to resolve something that is not working for you, or change something so it does work for you, you have to take that risk.

It Starts With You!

Are you dealing with something that has nothing to do with your relationship, but perhaps you need support, perhaps you need guidance, or you need someone who will be loving without putting pressure or expectations on you. Before you can come back to your own power, you may need time to work through some deep layers that have come up. This can be one specific solitary area, such as your finances, your career, or perhaps the death of a loved one. Or it can be a deeper issue that took a lifetime to develop and there may be patterns of unresolved issues that need more healing. The death of a loved one is a significant area of healing that needs focus, and you need time to grieve and work through anything between you and that person. However, if there is a pattern of shutting down, withdrawing, hiding, and avoiding your partner, this may be signs of something even greater.

Sometimes your finances can be a lifetime issue. Sometimes finding direction in a career can be confusing and may need support to create passion in something that matters to you. However, what's underneath simple areas often have much larger areas to heal. Self worth, value, Security with yourself, guilt, shame, fear, sadness, grief, and even anger can take time to work through. Often these areas need a therapist to help resolve, unravel and come to peace with. When you are single, working through these areas can be much easier. You don't have a partner to trigger your inner wounding, and you don't have to manage if you are feeling your own feelings or your partners. When you take action, and can detach from your partners viewpoints, needs, expectations, judgments, fears and so one, you can find your inner power much easier. Often when we get into relationships we get entangled with their feelings, and we forget our own.

When we Make our Partner more important than ourself, this is where we can get lost! Discovering that you might be Co-Dependent and forget yourself is the first step. This may be the first area of healing. This too will bring you back to your power. And, it may also be exactly what you need to discover where you need to do your own healing.

We will discover this together in our Coaching calls, or Healing Sessions when we work together. I am here for you.

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