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Center for Healing Arts

Center for Healing Arts

Whole Body Holistic Bodywork, Energy and Emotional Healing

Mind and Emotion Therapies

Mind and Emotion Therapies

For clarity and peace of mind

Intuitive and Energy Therapies

Intuitive and Energy Therapies

For transformation, healing your past, present and future

Advanced Reiki and Energy Therapies

Advanced Reiki and Energy Therapies

For advancing Intuition, Healing Energies and Chakras

Our Services


Whether you want to start with the basics of meditation, reiki, massage, work out challenges in a relationship, raise your vibration, receive support to your health, detox your body and increase your immune system, clear your chakras and energy field, and start a path of spiritual awakening and discovery, we can help you!


  • Spiritual Relaxation Massage, Acupressure Thai & Shiatsu Massage, and Shamanic Massage

  • many forms of Reiki Sessions (Usui ~ Shamballa ~ Tera Mei Seichem ~ Lotus Light ~ Kundalini)

Vibrational Therapy Sessions of:

  • Chakra Healing Sessions

  • IET Aura Clearing Sessions

  • igili Energy Healing with the Angels - for dissolving or dispersing energy within the body (excellent for physical health)

  • Cord Cutting Sessions - releasing energy to unhealthy patterns or people

  • Spiritual Training - ask for more info

  • Guided Meditation Sessions - Basic to Advanced

  • Life Coaching Sessions to support you in what you're currently dealing with. Asttarte has a separate site for Couples and Shamanic Healing. If interested, please inquire. 

  • Quantum Healing Sessions and Relaxation Therapy - for deep Emotional/Psychological Healing

  • IEET Intuitive Emotional Energy Therapy - also for deep Emotional/Psychological Healing

  • Intuitive EFT Tapping/Holding Emotional Healing - for deep Emotional/Psychological/Mental/Physical Healing - ie. grief, trauma, childhood memories, breakups, anything challenging, blocks to freedom, physical pain, relationship challenges, and so on. 

Holistic Health Sessions Of:

  • Somatic Stress Release Therapy (New 2022)

  • Breathwork Sessions (Inner Child Breathwork, Grief, Trauma Healing, Ancestry Healing, Goals & Creative Passions Breathwork - new 2022)

  • Health Coaching Sessions for Detoxing your Body of any Health Conditions you may be experiencing

  • Emotional Taoist Acupressure (by itself)

  • Intuitive Readings of Tarot Readings, Angel Readings, Soul Readings, Past Life Readings and Chakra Readings

  • Reiki Attunements and Certification (of any of the forms of Reiki above - must be level 2 Usui to do other Reiki's)

  • Yin Yoga for Relaxation, Deep Stretching and gentle recovery of your muscles.

Whole Body Holistic Energy & Emotional Healing Center

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"Asttarte is the powerhouse of energy healing." Anonymous

Vibrational Therapy
Asttarte Deva
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