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Events & Workshops

Come join the community for monthly healing events, spiritual group training, or one on one training! Group events will be re-launched this fall and will be ongoing monthly. Phone Coaching will be weekly, and Reiki Training will occur as requested. Please check this site as changes occur. Thanks for coming!

Reiki Training Level 1

July 8 -10 Held at Center for Healing Arts


Begin the journey of healing yourself and raising your personal vibration with reiki training. Enhance your spiritual gifts or raise awareness to your hidden self. It all begins with you.


If this is your first reiki training, you will begin with Usui Reiki. If you have completed at least the Usui Level 2 or Usui Reiki Master, you will have the choice of becoming intitiated into several other forms of reiki. Please ask for more information!

Energy Alchemy; Meditation, Energy Healing & Yoga Breathwork

11-2pm 1st Sunday every other month


Join in the Energy Alchemy Workshop; Meditation, Energy Healing & Yoga Breathwork for Radiant Health, Wellness and Enlightenment!

Spiritual Training Group Coaching Series

May 21st Group Phone Coaching


Launch your spiritual practice into high gear and expand your senses, discover what it means to truly love yourself, and heal at the finite level of awareness. Here you will get what goals you put into the course and gain a vision and practice to live the future you desire!

All levels Welcome, and all practices of spirituality welcome! Join Us! 

Healing from Environmental Toxicity

November 1st  (2016)


Come join Asttarte in her breakthrough story of health and how she overcame environmental toxicity, and you can too! Sometimes we live with allergies thinking its normal, and learning to take the right actions in our diet, nutrition, supplements and spiritual practice can transform your whole body. Your health affects every aspect of your life! Free lecture and group by donation! 

"Asttarte is the powerhouse of energy healing." Anonymous

Vibrational Therapy
Asttarte Deva
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