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Center for Healing Arts is your home for going deep into a state of relaxation, harnessing skills for releasing stress, surrendering to your own body and the messages it's teaching you, and giving yourself the greatest gift of all, gentleness and love. 

Reiki, Reiki Master, Reiki Practitioner

Center for Healing Arts

It took many years for Center for Healing Arts to come together. We are a center that provides Holistic Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Training, Transformational Life Coaching and Emotional Healing, Reiki Energy Healing and Advanced Energy Healing.

CFHA planted its seeds in the early 90s, as Heal Your Heart, LLC, in Alternative Healing and Meditation. Now, we offer a full spectrum of the Holistic Arts and a journey to awakening your soul and igniting the love in your heart. We are a Holistic Center to advance yourself and begin or continue your journey of personal development. 

With Center for Healing Arts, you will go beyond the basic foundations of reiki and energy healing, and learn greater, bigger and deeper aspects of yourself and the life around you!

Our Vision

"To be authentic means to be true to oneself. It is a very dangerous phenomenon, rare people can do that. But whenever people do it, they achieve such beauty, such grace, such contentment that you cannot imagine." --Osho


Events & Workshops

Monthly Gatherings


On a monthly basis, we will be meeting for Full Moon Breathwork, Sound Healing & Music Jams, Women's Circles, Plant Medicine Integration and more! 


Shamanic Journey Gatherings

Come join Asttarte in her private gatherings for healing ancestral ties to your past, soul healings, deep core trauma, grief, mental illness, depression, anxiety, or just general stress. These are offered on a first come first serve private invitation only. 


Many styles of Massage to fit your needs

Reiki Sessions

Many styles of Reiki to shift your vibration

Holding Hands

Release your emotions that are stopping you.

Dark Couch
Life Coaching

Coaching to help address your goals and needs

Yoga at Home
Meditation & Yoga

Meditation practices for inner peace and Yoga for a peaceful body

Vibrational Therapy

Including IET, IEET, Quantum Healing

Reiki Attunements

Advance to your next level of Spiritual Training with a Reiki Attunement

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings including tarot, angel readings, Past Life Readings, Soul Readings, Chakra Readings & Astrology

Universal Vibration.jpg
Spiritual Training

Spiritual Training and Development 

gets you started on a path of working with spiritual tools and opening your spiritual skills. 

"Asttarte is the powerhouse of energy healing." Anonymous

Vibrational Therapy
Asttarte Deva
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