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Vibrational Therapy


Vibrational Therapy to shift your frequency, energy and mood. You will be left feeling refreshed, clear and lighter than when you came. No matter what practice you work with, you will experience profound peace and bliss. 

Vibrational Therapy to shift your frequency, energy and mood. You will be left feeling refreshed, clear and lighter than when you came. No matter what practice we work with, you will experience profound peace and bliss. 
Reiki Healing

Reiki is a very gentle form of reiki. It can be used to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves. It is a very powerful, yet subtle shift in one's awareness. One does not have to feel the vibration of the healing in order to recieve its benefits. Forms of Reiki available are Usui, Tera-Mei Seichem, Kundalini, Shamballa and Lotus Light.

Chakra Healing

Chakra Balancing are Sessions that can help fine tune where the imbalances in your energy field are, and the chakras that need the most work to regain balance.


Intuitive Emotional Energy Therapy is a practice that helps release deep emotions that linger in the energy body of a persons aura, how it impacts them physically, and opens up the ability to release deep trauma, pain, or emotional blocks. All energy blocks can create blocks to peak performance as well. Ask for more information! 

IET Healing

Integrated Energy Therapy Integrated Energy Therapy is a form of healing that uses acupressure and a hand gesture technique to cleanse the physical body and aura of emotional blocks from the present or past.

Cord Cutting

Clearing and releasing unhealthy attachments to people you are emotionally connected to and love; even if you want to stay in a relationship you will be free of the energies you have taken on. 

Rhythm Healing
Quantum Intuitive Healing

Rhythm, Sound, Music, Throat Chakra, Chanting, Mantra, Drumming and Singing is available as part of Asttarte's Sessions. Asttarte has been a singer since the age of 5, and sang in a choir all her childhood, and in professional music groups in all her adulthood, and had extensive voice training in her 30s. Music, Rhythm and Sound is a natural process in her life, and she is happy to welcome this art to help you open your voice, your truth in your words through your speaking and language to those you love, including yourself! If you have been having trouble telling the people in your life how you feel, this is an excellent path to get to the source of expressing your true feelings! 

All levels of healing, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. It's a process where I can see the energy that's blocked on the body, and then I hone in to that place and we travel together to unravel the weight, block or denseness in that area and then we remove it. Then after it has been removed anything your spirit and body is open to is able to receive. It's very gentle, powerful, intense and magical! 


All Sessions can be done over the phone, in person or in a Group.

Deep Relaxation Therapy
Chakra Energy Healing 
Receive support and guidance to travel to the parts of yourself incomplete, separate and unresolved within yourself and outside of yourself in your psychic field. You may have spiritual contracts, agreements or vows made with others in this lifetime or others that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Let's travel together to see what is needed to heal and unravel into the spirit and bring you fully back to yourself. You will be left feeling validated, acknowledged, understood and your heart will soar open!

What a Chakra Healing can offer you is to see greater awareness of the energies that are at work around your body. We may use a pendulum. The pendulum can locate areas that need cleansing, or create a deeper balance so that all chakras will balance as a whole to support your entire system, energetically, emotionally and physically.  When we complete a Chakra Balancing Session all chakras will be spinning in the proper direction and you will get to see the energies do their magic as the pendulum takes as long as it takes to balance out each chakras energies. You will complete feeling more grounded, balanced and supported and when you leave the Session you may gain greater insight into yourself and know that your body is now flowing in the direction it is meant to in order to support you in your life.


These Sessions can also be affiliate with any of the Energy Work or Intuitive Readings mentioned on this site.

Center for Healing Arts offers many modalities for your personal, spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. "One does not need to know what type of Session they want, or even what they need to heal. All they need to know is that they want to." Asttarte

"Asttarte is the powerhouse of energy healing." Anonymous

Vibrational Therapy
Asttarte Deva
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